3 Years Of Svitch Bike: E-Bike Brand Is Making Waves All Over The World

As the world adjusts to the new normal post covid, people around the world have gotten more serious with regard to their health & well-being. Cycling was the only outlet to let out one’s pent up energy when the whole world came to a standstill locked inside the confines of their homes.

Cycling came to the rescue of millions of people as it helped people tackle not only the physical but mental health problems giving everyone a fair shot to regain their lost grip on health as a result of people’s fast-paced sedentary lifestyle.

Modern problems require ultra-modern solutions as this is exactly when Svitch Bike decided to come to rescue the young & old India finding it difficult to cycle long distances by giving them the best foldable electric bike in Svitch XE+, Svitch XE, Svitch MXE & the non-electric Svitch NXE.

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Svitch incubated on 21st of April, 2019 when the idea of EVs & their practical application was just brewing. The world had begun accepting electric vehicles as a serious mode of commute & that is exactly when Svitch came into the picture.

Svitch Bikes started their phenomenal journey initially with the Svitch XE+ & Svitch XE for the people of India as per their average stature & build. Meant for all the fitness freaks, adrenaline junkies, automobile enthusiasts & lifestyle connoisseurs; it took the Indian EV market by storm.

In a timeframe of just 1 year, the flamboyant brand ended up making 100+ Dealer Distributor touch points in India. A feat in itself. Svitch stands a 130+ Dealer, Distributor & Exclusive Stores strong as of 2022.

The Dealership applications were so swarmed & oversubscribed that the company had to streamline the whole process.

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Svitch started with a mere 2 employees, cut to 2022 Svitch is now 200+ employee strong across its HQ in Ahmedabad & the regional branch office in Bengaluru. The brand also celebrates its strength in 2 manufacturing plants.

As per the government mandate, the brand supplies 250W Motor in India & locks the speed of the bike at 25km/ph. However, Svitch still supplies 500W & 750W Motor e-bikes overseas to countries like Netherlands, Australia, Dubai, USA, Europe & many more 2nd world & 3rd world countries. Being an original equipment manufacturer, the brand also supplies its loose parts & raw materials to nearby countries along with supporting small upcoming brands.

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The brand is also endorsed by a lot of celebrities from Bollywood, Tollywood & from the realm of influencers. The brand got press coverage from respectable news forums like TOI, Livemint, ET, HT, The Print, NDTV, Dainik Bhaskar, etc.

The brand also released its own Anthem Song which was voiced by Ankush Bharadwaj which resonated with a lot of youth. The brand was approached by a lot of whales & sharks for JVs, equity stakes etc but the brand refused to budge as it aims to bring tangible meaningful change.

The CEO of the brand, Mr. Chintan Khatri & the MD, Mr. Rajkumar Patel aims to make the brand go global by carving out a footprint across all the EV friendly markets in the world.

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After penetrating the south-Asian demographic with state-of-the-art e-bikes, Svitch Motocorp is coming up with an EV bike called the Svitch CSR 762 with battery-swappable technology.

In a nutshell, Svitch continues to strive further to carve out new exciting terrains for everyone to ride on.

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