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Best Ebicycle in India-Svitch is founded by Raj Patel in 2018, he came up with a unique concept during his quest to solve the problem of last-mile mobility. While in Australia, he started to think about the Electric Bike and its potential applications; product designing was initiated in 2016.
However, the idea got amplified when he returned to India and envisioned the scope in the field of Electric Vehicles and their application to deliver the dreams of people – Svitch.

Thus, Svitch was born.

It’s the Speed of Flash. Power of Hulk. Thunder of Thor. And the brains of Ironman. With Svitch we believe to surprise our customers each and every moment.
We aim to revolutionize the Indian automobile sector with electric-change and re-think our way to commute, luxury and recreation because we believe in precision and quality.

We care for you and our environment equally.

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“Enthusiasm is the mother of effort,
and without it nothing great was
ever achieved.”

best ebicycle in india


Svitch is not just a product, its an idea, a lifestyle, a movement, set forth to revolutionize the entire way of fitness through e-bikes.

It started with a small and simple yet great idea to take a step towards green energy. While green technology, is the core of our product, we knew we could contribute way more. Thus, started the phase of ideation, where multiple ideas were shot in, many of them made their way through, and many of them were lost in oblivion during the process. We as a bunch of designers, engineers, managers and marketeers wanted something disruptive which as a product left no stone unturned.
Henceforth, Svitch was born, or we would say made, with lot of perseverance, patience, sweat, sleepless nights and yes, lot of coffee and green tea.

Come and join this revolution and be a part of the Svitch Army.

Suvas sir

Meet the Investor

Suvas, an MBA in Finance, is a young, dynamic, and energetic leader with an undying passion for finding new ideas that not only drive great numbers but also solve consumer issues, disrupt large markets or create new ones and add value to society.

What made him to be a part of Svitch?

When I first met Raj, I heard about his story and his love for its own product. That is Svitch. He explained to me his futuristic approach to life which is a must in any businessman. It not only helped me to take interest in him as a person but also to invest in his product as an investor.

“The people behind the brand speaks about the brand itself; that made me get involved in his working lifestyle”

It’s time to switch to Svitch.

And the last thing he said is I can see the future,

Can You?

Story behind the Story

Svitch is compatible with Izia which is a branding agency comprising creators, thinkers, technocrats, marketers, designers, coders, and hustlers.
At Izia we believe in delivering smart, cool, and effective solutions hand-crafted with love and care.
Hence Svitch.
Svitch is power.
Power to your kids. Power to your health. Power to the environment.
And more power to your loved ones.

Let’s get svitched together

Our Workforce

Saumil Christian

Country Head

Palkesh Rawat

Sales Consultant

Ishwar Chauhan

Digital Marketing Manager

Aditya Upadhyay

Sales Consultant

Jash Shah

Sales Consultant

Jesal Panchal

Sales Consultant

Prem Modi

Sales Consultant

Sumit Shelar

Sales Consultant

Yatri Thakkar

Graphic Designer

Mayank Patel


Shaswat Shah

Social Media Manager

Darshan Kapadia


Ronika Christian


Jaydeep Panchal

Purchase & Logistic


Office Boy


Office Staff

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TRCS2026 TRCS1782 TRCS1705 TRCS1644
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TRCS1427 TRCS1416 TRCS1407 TRCS1152

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Fast Support

Having any trouble with your Svitch postbuying it? Give us a call or drop a message on our mail or any of our social media platforms. We will get back to you within minutes.

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Take the beast out of the box. A few screws here, a few fixes there and voila! You are good to go! Have the thrill.

After-Sale Service

Take it. And make it yours. Don't worry about wear and tear, we are here to look for all the after-sale of Svitch E-bike.

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