Our young Managing Director’s energy and intellect with our co-founder’s experience and wisdom make Izia’s values and culture stand out. At Izia we believe in designing creative and innovative solutions. Although Izia’s a digital branding agency, it has primarily cared for the society and its mission is to create a positive impact on society. Izia is also blessed to have a team that reciprocates with the company’s mission and vision.

Brainstorming sessions are Izia’s one of a kind. It is during one of these sessions that the idea to build a product that can help people stay fit and healthy was pitched in. India is home to largest youth population and with changing times our lifestyles and food choices have become unhealthy. This leads to serious consequences. For a nation to grow it is necessary to have a dynamic youth.And this was our motto. Our idea.

A lot of research went into deciding what sector to exploit and its repercussions. Honestly, months and months of research. The decision to design a fitness product was firm but what kind of product to design was a question mark. A lot of ideas and a lot of rejections. Positive vibes began to fade.

There is this theory which states that ideas began to surface after a proper feed to the brain. This is what happened at one of our trivial discussions on Elon Musk’s e-car success and his vision to create sustainability through clean energy source. Wepromptly connected the dots. And. Click.

Chapter One.

Namaste India.

Now that we were clear what we want to build, we were again zeroed on how to. And thousands of other questions. How should we design the bike, what should it look like, how can we provide unique solutions and add features. And the biggest dilemma of all? To what extent will it reap health benefits and give effective results to the society – the people and the environment. Additionally, we wanted to make a product that is fun and appealing. It should also open gates to nature, leisure, luxury and recreation.

Collective willingness kicked in. Coffee. Green tea. Pool games. Sleepless nights. Research. Overtime. FUN! What made it a challenge was to manage our Svitch project with other on-going work commitments and deadlines. Also, since the company was new it was important to carve a niche in the market. PRESSURE? Frankly, Yes!

At the end of the day, this story also found its face. And the name Svitch.

The concept behind naming it Svitch is to encourage people to switch from their boring unhealthy lifestyles to fun and fit living.

Chapter two.

Begin Svitch.

We were ready with our designs and prototypes. We listed down all the technicalities and worked out solutions to problems that a cyclistfaces. After all the documentation and CAD graphicswere done, we proceeded further.We visited various cycling capitals of the world just to feel the market, cycling craze and itsinfluence on the society. Next trip? China – world’s manufacturing hub, Taiwan and Japan. Life changing realizations.

Parts by parts Svitch was born. First came Revolt. Refined XE+ followed.

Chapter three.

Launching Svitch: Journey of fit India

The desire that was long burning was now taking shape. Albeit, the journey just began we knew that we were almost there. The true purpose of Svitch can only be realized when we are able to reach and inspire every person to stay fit and prioritize health. For a nation to exploit it true youth potential it is essential to unlock or rather build a community of fit, healthy and content people.

Svitch movement will not only improve the community but do several things:

#1: Reduce fuel consumption nationwide.

#2: Traffic would become history.

#3: Boost your confidence.

#4: And. Happy faces everywhere.

Get the life you need and desire.

Do the Svitch.  Be part of Svitch revolution.

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