There are three ways you can ride a svitch bike.

  1. Pedal it out! If you are a fitness freak and want to use it for work out, or a trek session, you can drive the svitch by pedalling just like a normal bicycle.
  2. Pedal Assist: There are 5 modes of pedal assist. It is the combination of pedals along with the boost of the motor.
  3. Motor only: In this mode, you can ride the ebike just a normal petrol powered two wheeler.

You can pedal, pedal plus electric or you can go pure electric.

The maximum speed of the bike will be launched at 25 kmph, so there will be no necessity to have a license while riding a svitch bike. But a helmet is must!

There are 6 major differences between Svitch XE and XE +

  1. Battery: XE comes in with a 9.6 Ah battery whereas the XE + comes in with a 11.6 Ah battery.
  2. Motor: XE comes in with Svitch motor whereas the XE + comes in with Bafang brand motor.
  3. Display: Svitch XE comes with a backlit LED display, whereas the XE + has colorful LCD display.
  4. Gears: The XE has 7 speed Shimano gears whereas the XE + has 8 speed Shimano gears.
  5. Front Light: The XE has 300 Lux front light whereas the XE + has a 700 Lux front light.
  6. Charger: Svitch XE comes with a normal charger, whereas the XE + comes in with a fast charger.

Yes, though the Svitch Bike has electronic components, they are waterproof, and the cycle comes in with a IP65 rating.

The 9.6 Ah battery charges within 3-4 hours by using a normal charger, and within 2.5-3 hours if we are using the fast charger.

We are using LIthium-Ion cells in our batteries. The cells which we are using are of Panasonic or equivalent brand. The average lifespan of the battery will be of 4 -4.5 years.

Yes, zero interest EMI is available for purchasing the Svitch Bike.

We have got a ‘Peace of Mind’ after sales service package for you, in which if the customer buys the package, all the service related issues will be taken care by us. If you are not enrolling for the service package, then we will be collaborating with cycle repair shops across the country for the paid service of your e bike.