The All-New Svitch XE +

Foldable Electric Bicycle

Svitch XE+ is not just ‘Electric’. It is the beast to let your energy outgrow and burn your calories more and showcase your style even more. It has the power of pedals with enhanced abilities of an Electric Motor.

The All-New Svitch XE

Electric cycle in India

We have integrated top features in the bike, which makes it an all-weather, all-terrain sturdy beast. Take it on the hills or on the beach, it will not disappoint you. Our weatherproof, multi-terrain Svitch bike will never fail to surprise you. Be its hills, beaches or rough, uneven roads, go have fun alongside Svitch XE.

The All-New Svitch MXE

Electric bicycle for kids

It’s an E-bike for the age group of 8-14 years and for the women who rule the world even after being up to 4’9” in height.
It never gets easier, you just go faster and get better and might get bigger too.

The All-New Svitch NXE

A non electric mountain bike for exercise enthusiast.Our main focus is to accelerate healthy lifestyle in people’s life. Svitch offers an amazing Non-Electric Bicycle for all the Fitness freak and change makers.