Is an Electric Bicycle Better Than a Non-electric Bicycle?

Is an Electric Bicycle Better Than a Non-electric Bicycle?

Everything changes, and carrying this perspective over the future of non-electric bicycles are quite liable as the emergence of electric bicycles such as the svitch bike has resulted in many customers opting for electric bicycles.

Surprised!! I bet you are.

Here we go on the escapade to let our viewers understand the benefits and exclusions of owning an electric bicycle. From the design to their mechanical differences, we’ll dive into every aspect of the discussion.

Busting the myths

All the e-bikes look a lot like normal bikes. A common myth that electric bicycles are like scooters, but they are very similar to regular bicycles. Yes, but with an electric motor & Pedal Assist System(PAS)

Electric bicycles in India are on a stagnant rise alerting non-electric bicycles to regularly update their products.

The keys players

Talking about the players in the electric bicycle market include heavyweights such as Svitch, Aventon, etc.

Leading the market with a loyal Indian customer base “Svitch”, internationally known “Aventon”, and the yesteryear cycle manufacturers trying to cape into the EV industry “Hero” electro.

Moreover, riding electric bicycle models ain’t no different. Busting the Myth, they have the same style of wheels, handlebars, and frame styles as a regular bike. All function in precisely the same manner, such as the mechanical components, i.e pedals, and brakes

They enable modernizing through regularizing, all of the standard components of an e-bike are just like a regular bike. taking care of the bike and maintaining it is pretty much the same.

Ways & Variations

There are many efficient ways to take care of your EV during unprecedented climatic conditions.

Now talking about cohesive thoughts we make on healthy lifestyle choices, making a Svitch would be a wonderful decision.

Yes, the riding experience is transitioning over a few years With e-bikes, you get on and start pedaling, and then the motor kicks in. The e-bike does not change the action of cycling, it only makes it feel much simpler to do. The transition is so smooth you’ll hardly notice the motor has started. This makes electric cycles accessible to people who do not know how to cycle properly.

YOUTH is all about speed, who doesn’t love speed? We all do right.

E-Bikes such as Svitch, Hero Electro, and Aventon aid your wish of experiencing fast lightning speeds up to 20-25 KPH, you can also better the experience by pedaling on your Ebike and exhilarating the speed accordingly.

It allows you to maintain your energy levels for a longer duration.

If one is not racing, electric bikes might make your ride faster because they make your pedaling feel effortless.

Thus, Breaks the misconceptions about the authorization of EVs, as all Ebikes are pre-registered, AKA tried and tested.

Choosing is your choice

Taking the conscious decision of choosing an ordinary bicycle or an electric bicycle, you did want to opt for the latter option if you wish to travel long distances and regularize your daily commute.

The extra help from the motor could make biking feel a whole lot easier and less daunting for riders of all styles.

Additionally, if you’re not as young or fit as you were, or the paths in your area are full of steep hills.

Choosing the right bicycle for you is entirely personal.

If you’re considering purchasing a new e-bike, but can’t decide which style you want to buy, contact us today. At Svitch, we thrive to give our customers the luxurious outdoor getaway they look for in an electric Bicycle.