It’s time to ‘lite’ Up the scene!!

Presenting a brand new baby to our collection of the beastly electric cycle.
Boom! Here comes a slender, sleek, sharp experience of riding an electric bicycle. Heartily, present you the Svitch Lite’ XE. from India’s Leading manufacturer of electric cycles in India.

Features of Svitch Lite XE:

● Durable aluminum 6061 alloy frames
● Tail Light with Indicator
● A super lite weight; 22 kg
● 36 V/ 10 AH Battery
● 36 V, 250w Motor
● Max. rider weight 110 kg
● 20×3” multifacet tires

Svitch Lite XE

Why Lite’ XE ?

It’s simple, we are the best in business.

LITE XE is just not a byproduct of Svitch’s range of electric cycle but it’s also a great assertion into the portfolio of India’s electric bicycle.

Unique technology with adequate manpower, we have created a feast for every Indian.

Segmenting towards Commuters, People who want to reduce their carbon emissions and fuel bill, Youngsters, Seniors, Retirees, Bike Rental Businesses corporates.

red Svitch Lite XE

How is Lite’ XE different?

Naturally, it’s more efficient in terms of features, like its 20×3″ tires makes the pedaling and riding smooth, 7-speed gear system for a boosting ride experience, with a level headed pricing for this new sublime product.

Not only these features, but they are actively available in different color waves such as scarlet red, midnight sapphire,Yankee yellow,and a special edition of two lucrative color projectiles; Goblin green and berlin grey.

In the truest form, Svitch LITE XE is a treat for every individual.