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XE +

exciting. extra ordinary. electrifying.

Engineered for Sheer Performance.

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The Voaltic Fusion

Svitch XE is not just ‘Only Electric’.
It has the power of pedals with enhanced abilities of an
Electric Motor.

With adventure, comfort is necessary!

The dual shock suspension system in
Svitch XE+ makes it a perfect all terrain
ride electric bike. Bumpy roads or harsh
terrains, it takes you where you want to be.

Geared up for challenges

The 8 speed Shimano gears make it easy
for you to ride it the way you like. Want to
have a tough cardio workout down the road?
or Glide through the breeze? Shift it and Enjoy it.

Because safety comes first!

The Svitch XE + comes with a front and
rear LED light which makes it easy for you
to navigate in the dark, and be spotted from
the back.


The chassis of the Svitch XE + is made up of forged Aluminum 6061
which makes it light and strong at the same time.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

The chassis of the Svitch XE + is made up of forged Aluminum 6061
which makes it light and strong at the same time.


Ride With Ultimate Comfort

Suspension Seat

The cushioned seat on Svitch Bike comes with a suspension seat, which along with the dual shock suspension
gives you an ultimate level of comfort while riding.

Your Thrill – SATISFIED!

The Bafang motor in Svitch XE + provides the power to the bike which
Gives you the speed you need.

250 w


11.6 aH


25 km/h


Unbeatable Braking

The Svitch XE + comes in with 160mm
Tektro Mechanical Disk Brakes. The disk
brakes make it an ideal bike for all terrains.

Flexibility at its best

The Svitch XE + has got ultimate flexibility.
It folds, but not under pressure!

Adjustable stem

The adjustable stem adds in one more point to the feature bucket
of the Svitch XE +. Adjust it to the height you like, and configure
it as per your choice.

Customize Your Ride

The Svitch XE + comes in with a Colorful LED Display and 10 modes
Of pedal assist with the integrated drive system from Bafang.

ECO Mode

The eco mode comes with 5 levels
of pedal assist which saves the
juices and gives you a long run.


The Sport mode comes in with
5 levels of pedal assist and gives
you the perfect combination of
speed and balance.

Basic Backlit Display

The Svitch Revolt comes
in with a 5 level PAS backlit

Swap, Charge, Go!

The removable battery pack which comes in 3 options of 9.6 aH, 10.4 aH
and 11.6 aH can be charged in two ways. Charge it while in the e bike, or
remove it, take it to your home/ office and fill in the juice. The battery pack
gives you a range of 50 Kms on a single charge.





Mechanical Disk




Colorful LCD


8 Speed


80 km


11.6 aH




25 km/h


20 x 4”


Al 6061


Head and Tail Light


Fast Support

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We will ship your new shiny Svitch to your doorstep as quick as possible. We know, it’s hard to wait for it, but we understand!

Ready to ride

Take the beast out of the box. A few screws here, a few fixes there and voila! You are good to go! Have the thrill.

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