Built to unleash the adventure within you Svitch unlike conventional bikes runs on electricity. Yes, it’s an e-bike. Aimed primarily to conserve energy resources this beauty is a blend of speed, thrill, power, and technology. Engineered to sustain extremities with minimum discomfort and provide convenience, Svitch is an all in one shop for eclectic souls. Spoiler alert: There are two models-XE and XE Plus.

Now before diving in deep let me tell you why Svitch? And consequences of ditching Svitch.

#1: Let’s get one thing straight? Svitch is your choice of lifestyle, not just an e-bike. Your lifestyle is not a job, money, or living standards. Don’t be so shallow. There is more to it. Your attitude, values, social, emotional and physical well-being makes up you and your lifestyle. Svitch to new routes, fresh air, freedom, well-being and you might finally find that million-dollar idea you were searching for. (Maybe a soulmate too) Are you making a choice?

#2: No mountain can be unconquered. No stone can be unturned. With power bike Svitch. This multi-terrain bike has the capacity to withstand anything and everything courtesy, 250w brushless dc motor that drives it. Additionally, it comes with skid-proof, antipuncture fat tyres from Chaoyang-Kenda. Beach, sand, hilly terrains, smooth or bumpy roads. Conquer the world. Go wild. Go Svitch.

#3: You go to the gym, do crunches, pull-ups, few pushups here and there and so on. (very unenthusiastically I might add) You are also spending a pretty good amount of money, running your schedules accordingly, cutting back on other activities, and exercising in four walls. Really? You planning to go on like that for the rest of your lives? But you can always Svitch to raring fitness. If you are going for Revolt plus then you can enjoy the best of both worlds with eco and sport mode.

#4: You always wanted to save the world, make a difference. Didn’t you? With Svitch you are cutting back on fuels with style. It makes it easier to glide through traffic and run errands. Really, it’s not too much of pedalling and sweating with Svitch 5 modes of pedal assist. Designed for creative lazy people like us, take back your thinking time on your way to the office. Feel green, clean and industrious. It’s a hassle-free and smart approach – Svitch approach.

#5: It’s a unanimous problem to find quality time with our family, friends, and loved ones. And by the end of the week, you are so stressed that all your fun plans must surrender to boredom, frustration, and vanish into nothingness. Svitch your family goals. Svitch your couple goals. Or Svitch all your goals. Accomplish that morning trek, your ride along the beach as the sun sets, your ride to park with your kids. It’s all about the little and precious moments you live with our very comfortable and beloved Svitch.

Are you convinced enough? I’m not going to try hard. It’s up to you whether you want a boring, monotonous, dull, ignorant life or you can make a Svitch to a fun, adventurous, ambitious, happy life.

Yet confused? Let me clear the last bit of hesitations.

Plug in wherever, office maybe.

Turn off your bike. Remove your key. Fold peddles. Unlock the joint. Fold the cycle into half. Open stem lock. Fold the stem. Voila. Remove your battery. Go charge it wherever you want.

Flap it! Fold it! Take it!

Svitch is a foldable bike and can easily fit into your car trunk. It also provides convenience to carry around when not in mood to ride.

It’s safe, sure shot.                                

Two words. IP65 rating.

Get set. Ready. Svitch.

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