What happens when you finally switch to SVITCH?

What happens when you finally switch to SVITCH?

Ecycles/ e cycles in India are the talk of the town. Range, design, look, feel are all that the millennials can talk about. One can’t get enough of them(EVs) as the market is continuously being saturated.

No worries, Svitch is here to save the day as it will appeal to all 5 of your senses. The ebike feels great to ride, it makes you the centre of attention, the look is aesthetic & user friendly, the motor doesn’t sound anywhere close to an annoying ICE; it has the magic & charm that you look for in an electric cycle. The lasting charm. It has it all.

Svitch was incorporated from the school of thought that all India should be electric & have a premium exquisite battery bike experience. Traditional cyclists often have a hard time cycling owing to the difficult weather & terrains. Hence, Svitch ecycles was born which has Pedal Assist System along with the tyres being multi-terrain. This eliminated a lot of hurdles that the cyclists, and fitness freaks faced in terms of weather & pedalling.

man ride svitch electric bike in desert

The psychology for fitness freaks behind the design language of Svitch is one can pedal if they are looking for some warm-up. Once they get tired, they use the pedal assist system for some ease & once they are done with the workout they can use the throttle on their way home after burning some calories on a tough legs day.

svitch electric bike with red and yellow color

Riding out a Svitch is like falling in love, it happens all at once. Once that happens, it comes in waves. The features, the experiences & the feelings that you get on the ecycles make a difference in your life upto a certain degree.

The magnitude & plethora of gravitas that gets added to your personality will not know any bounds once you bring this electrifying change into your life.

Once you actually make the Svitch, the entire Svitch Sales, Marketing & CRM(customer relationship management) team is at your disposal to help you out in any capacity since electric cycles in India are relatively a new concept.

Don’t overthink it, go make that Svitch!