A Tech-o-friendly Fusion

The Svitch Mini Edition is here to Amaze You with electric power to make your
bicycling ride a whole lot smoother even at flatter tires.

Adventure not at the cost of SAFETY.

A strong yet light at weight Aluminium 6061 frame, tough enough to secure the battery pack from any sorts of internal or external damage. Wait, that’s not it. The front lock system swipes all your insecurities away to make your journey completely hassle-free.

Wait, Are You 4ft?

Svitch MXE is not just the Mini XE. It has got the style to match the unmatched. It is designed to accommodate the people who are about to enter the Sweet Sixteen world! Because it got that key features – Light Weight, Thin Tyres. It’s not just for the kids but for their mothers too. It is easy to carry and serves people who belong to the Minion World. Because we care for every height and every size.

Because visibility

Ditch the dark when it’s late or when in woods, All new MXE comes with 300LUX luminous light to clear up your sight while riding the beast from dusk to dawn.

Svitch’s Staggering Speed

Who needs control all the time? If everything seems under control,
you’re not going fast enough. But with Svitch, it’s the game of Thrill!

The Svitch

It’s for your morning and evening routine. A product to be taken in the public to stand out and to be cherished with loved ones on all trips. Be it your Sunday outing or your long vacation trip to beaches, hills, or even to the dark and dusky forests. The beast is just ready to electrify you in any situation and conditions.

Folding is Fun

Compact things are fun. And when you just Flip it! Fold it! Take it!
It’s all yours. We know how much we love when we can take our products to different places.
Just like eyeshades, mini dress, fabulous bag and your favorite Foldable Svitch e-Bike

Because your car has enough space to keep it safe until your next journey.


Our specifications are compatible enough to beat the regular.

Enchanting Shades

Colors are many and tints and shades are many too.
We picked the two relevant colors to showcase but we are ready to deliver your favorite tinge!

Tangerine Orange

Do you remember the days your kids sang I Love You Rasna? Clubbing the mad energy of red and the happiness of yellow, Tangerine Orange is the color of JOY & ZEAL. Strength to the creative bugs out there, this is a Sorry-I-picked-it game for them.

Ultramarine Tarzan

The deepness of the blue empowers intelligence. Power your personality with ultimate confidence. All new MXE Ultramarine Tarzan for all the brainy bats, to touch the adventure and explore the unknown.