Svitch Spark is the Non-Electric Version for all the Fitness Enthusiast.

Svitch Spark

Svitch Spark - Non-Electric Version

  1. Svitch Spark is a High Performance Riding a Bike.
  2. All Terrain Riding Experience can be achieved with the Svitch Spark.
  3. Bike offers Highly Efficient Shimano Gear System, which makes easy for anyone to experience the ride with minimal efforts.
  4. Bikes consist of up-to 7 gear system, which helps the rider to maintain the speed and efficiency of the ride to customized level.
  5. Aluminium 6061 Frame of just 2.5kg has been installed in the bikes which makes the bike lighter and fast at the same time.
  6. Svitch Sparks comes with Kenda Tyres 20X4 making it easy enough to ride at any terrain.
  7. Svitch Spark can beat any other Mountain Bike in seconds.

The All-New Svitch NXE

A non electric mountain bike for exercise enthusiast.Our main focus is to accelerate healthy lifestyle in people’s life. Svitch offers an amazing Non-Electric Bicycle for all the Fitness freak and change makers.

We have integrated all the non-electric best features in Svitch’s Spark. Svitch Spark is an all-weather, all terrain fast moving beast. Like we always says, a svitch bike is your best companion which never disappoints you and always there to surprise you again n again.