In-between Corona Crisis

The physical distancing of people ensured through a suspension of rail and inter-state bus services, closure of public places, cessation of all non- essential activity, and street-level monitoring…

No business, low demand, unemployment, pay cuts, and layoffs. The economic activities have almost frozen. The pandemic has already brought many businesses to a standstill and under existential cries.

Terrible indeed. Chaos, misinformation, confusion, and misery.

A Beacon of Hope

In the last few days, you can clearly see the birth of a very anxious nation that is physically grieved, distanced, but emotionally together.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emphasis on Tuesday, on a renewed drive for a self-reliant India, is a reaction to the new global realities spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Modi understands this dynamics of global politics and has sought to advance India’s interest within an emerging framework. He did not repudiate globalisation but proposed a new syntax for it – a human-centric one, as opposed to the current profit- motivated model, according to him. He placed India at its centre.

Know the Campaign

Svitch Energy Pvt. Ltd. has been doing social work since this pandemic started but now we have launched a new social media campaign to let our buyer be a part of this noble cause. It will amplify PM Modi’s message of being ‘Vocal For Local’ and self-reliability as the country emerges from the shadows of Covid-19.

The buyer will not have to pay anything extra than the usual bike’s amount for the donation, they will just have to buy a svitch bike. (Which you are anyway gonna buy it in near future, why not right now?) The brand has decided to donate a sum total of 10% on every single sale of Svitch eBike. The further classification goes like 5% will be donated on the name of the buyer and another 5% on the company’s name. The fund collected will be used as a CSR activity to buy Corona Kits for the warriors.

Message fom the founder

Raj Patel, Founder, Svitch Energy Pvt. Ltd., said,

“The fight against Corona is a joint effort of both, the government and the citizens of the country. Svitch Energy Pvt. Ltd. hereby as a responsible Indian Company is trying to do its bit to contribute in this deadly situation. Of course for some businesses it’s like “The End” but we want to support, support our brothers to keep going… It is the time to leverage social media platforms and promote awareness to stand bold with the government and with all the warriors who are suffering at the moment. Let us join hand in hand to go green, buy a svitch bike and contribute to support Bhartiya


To Make this Prefect

Join us in this noble cause the more people can contribute the more we can help so through this campaign we thought to include the extended svitch family as well.

• The money will help an Indian business.

• Businesses like mask manufacturing company, restaurants, medical and para medical brands.

• The kits made by them will then be delivered to everyone in need.

This will indirectly make a chain and everyone in process will be helpful for each other. We have progressed a lot in comparison to other countries. But, we still need to support each other to survive before any economic crisis. It is time to contribute for the national brothers.

We all have worked hard to build our businesses. We Indians have created a benchmark worldwide in many fields. Now is the time to stand together to maintain that legacy.

We need your support!

-Svitch Bikes Indian By