Svitch to confidence.

Riding bikes always made me nervous. I feared to fall, running into someone or worst an accident. Every time I rode a two-wheeler, I felt weak in my bones and self-conscious. That’s why I picked up driving a car at a young age of fifteen. It felt safe and secure, but I always missed the cold winds and the thrills a bike provides. The last time I rode my cycle was in class 8th. And fate brought me to work for a firm whose next venture was an e-bike. And I am the content writer. Really? Now, I had this opportunity to test drive it for some random video. And bang! I fell. Making a big joke out of myself. Nice start. Hehe!! But you know something about this e-bike Svitch drew me towards it. Initially, I think it was for the looks. (Also, I am in for fitness any day. That makes it two reasons. Never mind.) With every passing day, I admired this beauty on the platform of our office. I suddenly started reading cyclist travel blogs relentlessly. Someday I might drive Svitch right.

It’s TRUEEEEE. YOU ARE A MANIFESTATION OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. A few days later, there I was, on Svitch XE+ with my colleagues. Up for a drive in the city. We made a few rounds in the parking before heading out. I was vulnerable yet happy. As we began, although nervous, I felt the grip on the handlebars and the pedals. It was the right kind of smooth and control. 10 mins of peace ended. It’s Indian traffic. 10mins are very good here. Despite heavy traffic, my ride felt comforting (and I swear on the amount of attention this chic ride was getting) but obviously, there were a few glitches. (No. Not with the bike)

Glitch #1: Watch out you!!!!

Like I mentioned earlier, traffic in India is a mess especially in big cities like the one where I was riding. Ahmedabad. How does a normal ride in India look like? A series of brakes. Go. Brake. Go. Brake. Go. Brake. And it goes on. Svitch e-bike has unbeatable braking. Its 160mm Tektro Mechanical Disk brakes are ideal for Indian roads. Its short brakes will let you stop. (Tell me something I don’t know) On point! Literally.

Glitch #2: Safe thrills<3

I am sorry. No, I must apologize. I missed passing important information. We started our drive at 7 pm in the evening after a busy, tiring office day. Peak traffic time. We are smart. Aren’t we? Moving on, 20mins into the city, shifting manual gears and we were out of juices. We then started out with Eco mode that comes with 5 modes of pedal assist. While returning, not only were we little low on energy but we had a slope ahead of us, so we switched to Sports mode which also comes with 5 modes of pedal assist giving us the power of thunder and lightness of air. We passed the slope hassle-free and it was the right speed.I marvel at this beauty. It really didn’t feel like a normal ride. (Well, it was not.It sort of gives the range of 30 to 35kmph)Plus, the whole experience was rejuvenating.

Glitch #3: Bumps. Eh?

Every road has a history. Naturally, there are bumps. Whether you are driving an SUV, trucks or whatever bumps are a total no-no. Let alone a cycle. OH YES! I GOT INTO A FEW. Svitch’s cushioned suspension seat along with dual shock suspension saved my ass. Seriously. The jerks felt were not really jerks. Mere joke.

After around 90 mins of Svitch adventure when we finally returned, I was famished. More importantly. If you ask me one major thing about my whole experience, I have three words. Guess. No. Not. I. Love. You. I felt confident. And frankly, you should too. (Try Svitch)

It is not a cycle. It is not a bike. It is magic. Showstopper indeed.

Join the Svitch e-bike revolution.

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