The Future Of Young India

Almost every write-up you read about India starts with “India is a developing country”. Let me ditch this monotony and narrate to your ears a different and soothing melodious news. India is a young country. Almost 2/3rd of the Indian population is young. We have more than 70 crore young people – and they’re all set to change our world. 

I am not animating it, but the new generation is arduously motivated. It finely blends the cultural values of a traditional Asian family with the life goals of a hip-happening Western teenager.

Thus they welcome globalization and digitalization from the bottoms of their hearts but will never take a step back when it comes to taking charge of the cons of technological advancements. And trust me, I am not just weaving talks, I have observed this happening in and out in the country. Plastic is facing a bad time in the country. Of course, a great thanks goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government also.  Industries take charge of the waste they emit. More trees are being grown… just to name a few.

One such paradigm shift is seen in the automobile sector. There is a great decrease in the purchase of cars and scooters that pile up the greenhouse gas emissions and a mad increase in the sale of E-bikes that are pollution-free. This market is proliferating as coffee shops did in the 20th century.

Reading and researching about the industry as a whole and people’s choice and preferences, while in Australia, Founder of Svitch Bikes, Raj Patel, 27, dreamed of a vision to design something that truly represents him as well as the youth of India. Smart, colorful, stylish, hip-happening, open, flexible, rough, adventurous, and enterprising. The idea seemed pretty new-age and risky to the team of Svitch initially. But as a go-getter, Mr. Patel always had great faith in his idea. Raj staunchly believes that “ AN IDEA THAT IS NOT RISKY IS UNWORTHY OF BEING CALLED AN IDEA AT ALL.”

Svitch was born to revolutionize the Indian automobile sector with electric change and rethink the way we commute, take luxury and recreation. Svitch is not just a product, its an idea, a lifestyle, a movement. It started with a small and simple yet great idea to take a step towards green energy.
The brand believes in precision and quality reflects clearly in their product. Started its operations and sales in August 2018, the bike is going a great way. It is an entirely foldable bike, accustomed to all terrains, be it rough hilly places or beachy smooth sands or regular roads. The battery is made big so that one can travel 80 km ( subject to conditions) in one go. The body looks colorful and stylish with the eye-catching color palette offered is made of fine quality aluminum. Anti-puncture fat tyres are a win-win.

Cycling is now a necessity. It makes you fitter again. No longer an activity to be done for recreation on occasional days, it is the need for a sedentary lifestyle gifted to us by the technological advancements. So why not let technology pedal its cons? This quintessential piece of engineering, the alluring modern bicycle, Svitch provides great important services and benefits, not only to recreational cyclists but to commuters too. It is specially designed in a way to be easily used as a mode of transport in urban cores with primacy. You can pedal, throttle, or use the pedal-assist mode as per your comfort. The modern bicycle has a sturdy body made of fine aluminum alloys and still is very light at the weight. As it is foldable, it can be squeezed to a size that fits in right inside the boot of your car.

Different people review svitch bikes in a different manner. But the sure-shot is that the users love it in all their own ways. Some say it’s easy breezy and comfy to ride, some say that it is a one-time investment. To sum it all in one…it is a worth it product. Just a smart design that matches your personality.
What’s really wrong with getting yourself a new age, trendy, hot, colorful, and eco- friendly chum to ditch your regular day monotony and boredom. Youth today has just got no good reason to say no to the current fashion. This 21st century we have shifted to e-commerce, e-mails, e-wallets,e-media, and what not… so why not switch to e-bikes? Svitch promises that ditching these crude oil-based automobiles will serve complete value. So, wait no more make a Switch to Svitch for it’s a zero-emission bike and completely environment savy. Come lets “Switch to Svitch” to make India a better place to live in.

All you young pals ( young at heart only eligible) flaunt your own savage with different colors that reflect your energy. Check out this vibrant beast at and don’t miss the fun. Let’s take in hand something useful, environment friendly, and super stylish. Let’s bless the Earth. LET’S SVITCH.
Svitch Energy Pvt. Ltd. is an agile startup based in Ahmedabad having distributors in all the metro cities of the country and a few places abroad. Svitch Bikes are assembled and manufactured in Sanand, Gujarat. Apart from manufacturing bikes, the manufactures also produce lithium battery packs and rear motors there. Know more