Weekend Wander Ride

Weekend Wander Club

Weekend Wander Club is a Svitch electric cycle ride within the city of Ahmedabad that covers several famous landmarks and ensures to make your Sunday morning energetic and fresh. Starting from Svitch Head office, the wander clubbers will experience the on-road Ahmedabadi culture and gusto. Well, if you are a student, a mentor, a workaholic, or just someone who wants to enjoy the environment of the city, these three hours’ trip will enrich you.

Let’s go through the route of the Svitch.

Kick starting from Svitch head office on Sindhu Bhavan road, the ride to heritage city begins. The first stop over is Jhansi ki Rani. Be ready with your phone as this is our selfie spot. Proceed to the riverfront which is our next spot where you begin to feel the thrill of riding the Svitch bike.

Crossing the Parimal garden, the svitch riders take RIGHT and cross the underpass (Well, this is what we are expecting Ahmedabad to be famous for, underpasses and flyovers, right!). The riders will reach the place which was once a dream project of our revered Prime Minister, Narendra Modi i.e. River Front.

Over here, you can spend 30 minutes of leisure time enjoying the Svitch ride by the river, with the view of white birds. Well, you will for sure enjoy the cool and pleasant morning breeze of Ahmedabad. Have your water break and be prepared for the ride ahead!

Crossing the historic Ellis bridge, the bikers will reach Bhadra fort, which is situated in the walled city area of Ahmedabad, and ride ahead to Siddhi Sayed kiJali. Here, you will come across many birds flying and feeding around. Spend some time viewing the intrinsic artistic build of this ancient monument. Don’t blame anyone if you may find yourself getting lost in the art of details.

After spending few minutes at the Siddhi Sayed Jali, Svitch bikers will passPatang Hotel, a renowned revolving hotel of Ahmedabad. On your ride ahead, you will come across Town hall, a hub for theatre and drama.

Looking around on the streets of Ahmedabad, the wanderers will then reach Vastrapur Lake. Spend time filling your tummy at this spot as it would help to regain the burnt energy. After a quick bite, the bikers proceed to return to Svitch head office on Sindhu Bhavan road via Gurdwara.

There will be break of half an hour at the river front, plus 5 minutes stop over at the locations like Jhansi ki Rani, Bhadra fort as well as Siddhi Sayed kiJali. Well, this can be your selfie taking spot.)

Spend the quality time with your friends & family. GO GREEN, GO SVITCH.Hence, don’t forget to join us at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings and experience the thrill.

(Just a reinforcement)

  • Departure Point: Svitch Head office
  • Departure Time: 6:30 am
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Tour inclusion: Basic Breakfast
  • Tour Ends @ Svitch Head office
  • Booking fees Rs 500/- PP