Which Cycle is better: Hardtail or full suspension?

Which Cycle is better: Hardtail or full suspension?

Let’s quickly get into the mud of things!! Like a standard ecycle, electric off-road cycles are accessible in hardtail and full suspension cycle models. What’s more, if you’re new to the universe of Bicycles (electric or non-electric), this choice will undoubtedly be tricky.

From the get-go, it’s not difficult to expect that the pricier, more complicated full suspension models are the better of the two cycles – however, in undeniable reality, the two kinds have their place in the present-day riding experience. Everything relies upon what sort of rider you are, what territory you’re hoping to travel, and obviously; the amount you are willing to spend. 

From weight to speed and additional features, there shall be a few things you would do while picking your new electric cycle. Most importantly, we should investigate what the terms hardtail and full suspension mean.

Hardtail Cycle

Briefly talking about what it is. A hardtail is a mountain bike that generally includes a front suspension fork, yet no back suspension – giving them an unsuspended frame. Known for their lighter weight and lower price tag, hardtail bicycles are a famous decision for new 4×4 junkies.

Full suspension Cycle

The greater good in the range of cycle, full suspension off-road cycles have both front and back suspension, likewise, they are known as double suspension cycles. The expansion of a back shock makes these cycles more productive and comfortable to ride on troublesome rough terrain territory. The back shock likewise works on the cycle’s footing and control bringing about more rider solace.

We can have endless debates over what we can do and what we opt for.

Let’s give you a breakdown to make sure you are entirely educated before stepping into the storm of making the decision:


One of the undeniable contrasts between a hardtail and full-suspension cycles is the weight. Without a rear shock and suspension linkages, a hardtail mountain bike is for the most part 1kg lighter than its full suspension partner. Nonetheless, with electric off-road cycles, a heavier weight needn’t be a major issue. With a strong motor giving you a lift, one can handle those lofty slopes on a full-suspension electric cycle, like the Indian electric bicycle king Svitch.


The principal benefits of a full-suspension electric cycle are ease and comfort while riding it. While hardtails can give you the mountain biking experience, the double suspension gives you the solace and grasp you want to handle specialized territory with certainty.

This additional comfort goes down to the back suspension, which helps keep the wheel on the path by following over any deterrents. With the back tire immovably on the ground, full suspension cycles likewise give you preferable footing over a hardtail.


With a lighter edge and fixed riding position, it’s expected that hardtails are the quickest choice for mediocre mountain bike rides. We can believe that hardtails do have a good speed due to their lighter feel and their less technical abilities.

However, when you hit that truly specialized landscape, full-suspension cycles are, obviously, the quick decision. Notwithstanding their heavier weight, the additional suspension assists you with crashing through the hardest paths with complete certainty. This means one shall not invest as much energy exploring deterrents, picking your decision line, and keeping your equilibrium.


The maintenance part can be a little tricky as both come with their set of pros and cons. One benefit of hardtails is that they are so natural to keep up with. Like non-electric cycles, the main thing is ordinary cleaning and greasing up. The additional intricacy of full suspension e-bikes implies those additional parts, the back shock and turns will require overhauling on top of your ordinary bicycle upkeep. But worry not a few electric bikes such as Svitch, hardly require such maintenance efforts regularly.


Ah!! It all boils down to the price. Full-suspension ebikes come with many practical components that might make little costly compared to their hardtail counterparts. Moreover, if individuals long for something that will coast them through difficult terrains and rough climatic conditions then full-suspension electric cycles shall be your go-to decision.


Alright, the one thing you can find is the electric cycle that is best for your particular requirements as a rider. While you’re choosing a hardtail and a full suspension ecycle, there shall be no confusion while you ride.

With a full-suspension off-road cycle, you get additional solace, quicker downhills, and an extraordinarily simple ride on even the most difficult terrain. Here, full-suspension ebikes take the cake. However, with a hardtail, you get lower-valued choices, lighter edges, and better battery productivity.

All in all, everything comes down to – what sort of rider are you and where would you like to ride.