Why are Ebikes a sensible choice in India?

Ebikes have been all the rage lately for obvious reasons. As the petrol/diesel vehicles complete their last lap in the South-Asian demographic, Ebikes are on standby waiting in the wings to completely fill the void left by their predecessors. The following blog talks about why you should switch to an Ebike NOW!

Last Mile Mobility:

As per the recent surveys by many autonomous automobile forums, no Indian travels more than 50-100 kms in a day. Gone are the days when our fathers & forefathers used to travel 200 kms, swim a pond, fight a Lion just to get to school. The e-bikes solve the fundamentals & the principles of last-mile mobility by tackling its very foundation itself. Plus, 60% e-bikes in the Indian market offer more than 100+ kms in range on a single charge. So, you’re sorted & good to go either way.

svitch bike - india's top e bike brand


India is a country where wealth distribution is very inequitable. 5% control the major wealth in the country which leaves out an untapped market of 95%. E-bikes cut out the whole process of petrol/diesel/taxes/ etc as one can hop on an e-bike without second-guessing the consequences. Also, nowadays not every e-bike requires you to go to a dedicated charging station. You can charge the majority of them at your home, office, gym, etc. For instance: Svitch Electric Bikes come with a universally chargeable battery that can charge up within 3-4 hours.

svicth e bike

Environment Friendly:

The only emission an e-bike makes is in the manufacturing stages. This is the only time when an e-bike creates some kind of carbon footprint. That too happens majorly because of the battery procurement & assembly. Some e-bike brands are also working actively to resolve this issue once & for all.

Not only do e-bikes make you look cool, but they also project a woke & progressive image. The kind of image the modern millennials would kill for. For instance: Svitch Electric Bikes are notoriously known for their head-turner swagger as they are foldable.

man with svitch e bike


The majority of the new generation e-bikes are multi-terrain. They can be ridden in forests, mountains, beaches, deserts, you name it. All of these added benefits make the e-bike all the more desirable.

Especially the Svitch electric bikes, their 20*4 Fat Tires make it the Avengers of E-bikes. E-bikes are just about perfect when you’re cutting a sharp corner in a crowded neighborhood.

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