Why is Svitch MXE the best electric bike in India?

Why is Svitch MXE the best electric bike in India?

There are good e-bikes & then there are the best foldable e-bikes in India. You got that right..! We’re talking about the Svitch MXE. This electric bike is relatively lower in height than the rest of the Svitch Bike’s portfolio; this one is specifically for people from the realm of minions. It is best suited for the age group 12 to 18 years.

This one can be easily ridden by children, women, and men who belong to the Despicable Me universe. Don’t you all worry, it will definitely help you Gru, if not anything.

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The Thought Process

The deep thought process behind the design language of Svitch Bike is to incorporate flexible, adaptable e-bike features. Not being a one-trick pony, the handlebar & seat are adaptable as well. You can also lock the suspension if not your road rage ego. There are many tricks up its sleeve.

So one can accordingly adjust & ride away. The aircraft-grade aluminum 6061 alloy makes the electric cycle featherweight & sturdy making it convenient to carry almost anywhere. IP65 makes it water resistant & free of corrosion. However, it is not advisable to go skinny dipping on the waterlogged streets of India as the submerged motor is a red flag, if not you. Don’t watch the world from rose-colored lenses, it’s time to take the gloves off with Svitch!

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Hey, that’s not it. We have more beans to spill. Especially during the metro rides. L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail decided to allow foldable ebike in the non-peak hours. So, if you’re around Hyderabad & are willing to turn some heads, this one’s your cue! Make your metro rides unforgettable with Svitch.

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The Svitch MXE, like its other Electric & non-electric foldable counterparts, is also

a foldable e-bike. The e-bike comes with a universally chargeable removable battery so one can charge it anywhere: home, work, gym, etc. Take your e-bike wherever you go, all you have to find is a charging point & voila! You’re good to go. Expectation management is the key to a relationship’s success. So, we’re all about managing & handling your expectations. Drop the gear & disappear with Svitch.

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Bruise like a sword, feel like a papercut. The Svitch MXE is an effortless exercise in making the right & smart decision. We here at Svitch are all about making calculated risks. Mince no word, hold no inhibitions, the Svitch experience will rock your world to the core & then some.

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The tyres on Svitch MXE are also thinner as compared to the Svitch XE+ & the Svitch XE. The MXE will give you an estimated range of 40-50kms based on how well you know how to ride an e-bike. The e-bike costs around 60k.

We’re precise about our product down to the last feature. So, if you’re a firm believer of the devil lying in the details, we might have the perfect pick for you. To enquire, connect with us today! Cherry-pick your poison with us.

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