We as a human race has been progressing together towards a common goal of increasing the the comfort level in its life. From radio to streaming music, from big bulky powerless computers to laptops, from steam engines to bullet trains. But there has been an industry, which has been laggard in transforming itself. It is the automobile industry. Since the inception of cars, we have been using the Internal Combustion Engines. The efficiency of the engines have increased, but the pollution because of the fossil fuel driven vehicles is still more.

We have begun to see the shift in this segment too. Cars have started becoming electric. In addition to the cars, some of the heavily populated countries such as China and India, we can witness the widespread usage of electric 2 wheelers. One such part of electric two wheelers is the electric bicycle. It is your normal cycle but with super powers.

Generally people pick up cycling for commute to small distances but, they generally get exhausted for taking cycles on long trips and that is the main reason, they generally don’t use cycles as a mode of commute to work. The electric cycles are a solution to this issue. The modern electric cycles come in with pedal assist features in which you can ride in the cycle just like a bike through the throttle or you can use the other option which comes in with a combination of the motor drive capability along with the pedal assist feature.

The Svitch Bike has exact same features, it comes in with a Pedal Assist Sensor which has 2 modes namely ECO mode and SPORT mode. Each of the Eco and Sport mode has 5 sub modes, so basically you can drive the cycle in 10 different pedal assist modes. These pedal assist modes give a boost to the user while pedalling the cycle and makes it a fun experience altogether.

In addition to the boosted speed and the pedal assist features which you get with an e bike, the Svitch user would be riding a new style statement. Svitch is a fat tyre electric bike which you can take along with you to ride on any terrains. It satisfies your hunger for adventure and makes you feel contented. This was just one angle of looking at the use case of an electric bike. Along with caring about your health, you are also creating an impact on the environment. The carbon footprint you reduce by riding an electric bike will make a significant impact and give you an inner satisfaction, and you can always inspire others along the way! Be a green life influencer.

So these are some of the many perks you will get once you take up e-biking. The electric revolution has already begun in other countries and India needs to adopt it as fast as possible. Be a pioneer of the Indian EV Squad and be a part of the Svitch Army. Embrace the new and make a SVITCH.

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