Why are E-bikes a sensible choice in India?

E-bikes have been all the rage lately for obvious reasons. As the petrol/diesel vehicles complete their last lap in the South-Asian demographic, E-bikes are in the standby waiting in the wings to completely fill the void left by their predecessors. The following blog talks about why you should switch to an E-bike NOW! - Last [...]

3 Years Of Svitch Bike: E-Bike Brand Is Making Waves All Over The World

As the world adjusts to the new normal post covid, people around the world have gotten more serious with regard to their health & well-being. Cycling was the only outlet to let out one’s pent up energy when the whole world came to a standstill locked inside the confines of their homes. Cycling came to [...]

How to conveniently travel long distances with your E-bike?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine There is no better source of an adventure than a road trip. Hitting the road with an electric bike takes it up a notch. With all of the escapades ahead of you, here are a few tips [...]

Test Ride Event | Electric Bicycle Ride | MyGate

Greetings from Svitch Bike! We're an OEM EV brand based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India with our footprint extending across Pan-India. We have 4 bikes under our product portfolio: XE+, XE, MXE & the non-electric NXE. We have 125+ Dealership touchpoints across the country. We also have a regional branch office in Bengaluru. We're conducting [...]

Why SVITCH XE+ is the best Electric Bike?

Today’s generation is the generation of Electric Bikes/Cars. Electric Bikes are not only environmental friendly but also these foldable ebikes are cost friendly too. Svitch ebikes are extremely durable, and one can ride the best electric bicycle in India on all terrains like hills, beaches or uneven rough roads. Svitch XE+ is not just foldable [...]

Decoding Myths around Electric Vehicles in India

With changing times and era electric vehicles have been the new future. India is now upgrowing with the production and usage of electric vehicles is at its verge to explore new challenges.With increasing fuel charges,global condition and climate change the sector of electric vehicles is accelerating. The society is changing towards better eco-friendly solutions to [...]

How e-Bikes are Beneficial to your Mental & Physical Health

Have the rising fuel prices made you consider purchasing an electric bicycle? Well, apart from the economic benefits that an EV Bike provides, having an electric vehicle (mostly e-scooter or E-cycle) is becoming a trend. These e-commutables are now a thing of convenience; there are foldable e-bikes that you can fit in the trunk of [...]

Startup Scope for E Bikes in India

Electric bike or EVs, in general, are all the rage these days. The word e-bike has become synonymous with action against climate change and fossil fuel dependence. Such is the craze that people like Elon Musk became multi-billionaires as Tesla shares kept on rising. The world is betting on the technology so much so that […]

Electric Bikes in India With the Highest Range

India is a very big country. With an area size of 3.287 million km² India is the seventh-largest country in the world and Indians love to travel. We have a vast railway network, tons of highways, millions of vehicles, and billions of people. In order to cater to the need to travel we need to [...]

Dos & Don’ts of Ebike

Ebikes seem to be all the rage recently. Millions of people worldwide are tilting their focus from petrol/diesel to electric bikes. Not only these electric cycles/electric bikes are sustainable, but these foldable electric cycles also come at an affordable price. Amidst the new trends that are developing in light of the new love found for [...]

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