In-between Corona Crisis The physical distancing of people ensured through a suspension of rail and inter-state bus services, closure of public places, cessation of all non- essential activity, and street-level monitoring… No business, low demand, unemployment, pay cuts, and layoffs. The economic activities have almost frozen. The pandemic has already brought many businesses to a [...]

Building Healthy India – Svitch Community

Our young Managing Director’s energy and intellect with our co-founder’s experience and wisdom make Izia’s values and culture stand out. At Izia we believe in designing creative and innovative solutions. Although Izia’s a digital branding agency, it has primarily cared for the society and its mission is to create a positive impact on society. Izia [...]

Why should you svitch?

We as a human race has been progressing together towards a common goal of increasing the the comfort level in its life. From radio to streaming music, from big bulky powerless computers to laptops, from steam engines to bullet trains. But there has been an industry, which has been laggard in transforming itself. It is [...]

Svitch to confidence.

Riding bikes always made me nervous. I feared to fall, running into someone or worst an accident. Every time I rode a two-wheeler, I felt weak in my bones and self-conscious. That’s why I picked up driving a car at a young age of fifteen. It felt safe and secure, but I always missed the [...]

How far have we come?

Electric Vehicles are going to be a thing in the future. We have been listening such statements ever since, and the thing now seems true. We are in that phase. But till what extent? How far have we come? And what are the milestones to be achieved in order to revolutionize the entire automobile sector? [...]

Svitch: From ordinary to extraordinary

Built to unleash the adventure within you Svitch unlike conventional bikes runs on electricity. Yes, it’s an e-bike. Aimed primarily to conserve energy resources this beauty is a blend of speed, thrill, power, and technology. Engineered to sustain extremities with minimum discomfort and provide convenience, Svitch is an all in one shop for eclectic souls. [...]

An E-Bike That Alleviates Your Style-Quotient

Every few years, an evolution takes place in the automobile industry. It has been a long way since the 1800s. The way world travels is still changing, and the newest thing off to create a bang in the market is the invention of new-age electric bikes. Electric bikes are already very popular when it comes [...]

The Future Of Young India

Almost every write-up you read about India starts with “India is a developing country”. Let me ditch this monotony and narrate to your ears a different and soothing melodious news. India is a young country. Almost 2/3rd of the Indian population is young. We have more than 70 crore young people – and they’re all [...]

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