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How to Ride Svitch Bike?

There are three ways you can ride a svitch bike.

  • Pedal it out! If you are a fitness freak and want to use it for work out, or a trek session, you can drive the svitch by pedalling just like a normal bicycle.
  • Pedal Assist: There are 5 modes of pedal assist. It is the combination of pedals along with the boost of the motor.
  • Motor only:In this mode, you can ride the ebike just a normal petrol powered two wheeler.You can pedal, pedal plus electric or you can go pure electric.
  • Do I need license for Svitch Bike?

    The maximum speed of the bike will be launched at 25 kmph, so there will be no necessity to have a license while riding a svitch bike. But a helmet is must!

    What is the difference between Svitch XE and XE +?

    There are 6 major differences between Svitch XE and XE +

    1. Battery: XE comes in with a 11.6 Ah battery whereas the XE + comes in with a 14.5 Ah battery.
    2. Motor: XE comes in with Svitch motor whereas the XE + comes in with Bafang brand motor.
    3. Display: Svitch XE comes with a backlit LED display, whereas the XE + has colourful LCD display.
    4. Gears: The XE has 7 speed Shimano gears whereas the XE + has 8 speed Shimano gears.
    5. Front Light: The XE and XE+ has 300 Lux front.
    6. Charger: Svitch XE comes with a normal charger, whereas the XE + comes in with a fast charger.

    Can I ride it in rain?

    Yes, though the Svitch Bike has electronic components, they are water resistant and the cycle comes in with a IP65 rating.

    How long does it take to charge?

    The 11.6 Ah battery charges within 3-4 hours by using a normal charger, and within 2.5-3 hours if we are using the fast charger.

    What is the lifespan of the battery?

    We are using LIthium-Ion cells in our batteries. The cells which we are using are of Panasonic or equivalent brand. The Battery life is approximately 50,000 kms of ride on Svitch.

    Is EMI available?

    Yes, zero interest EMI is available for purchasing the Svitch Bike.

    What about the after sales services?

    We have got a ‘Peace of Mind’ after sales service package for you, in which if the customer buys the package, all the service related issues will be taken care by us. If you are not enrolling for the service package, then we will be collaborating with cycle repair shops across the country for the paid service of your e bike.

    What kind of accessories do you currently have?

    Company provides a wide range of Biking accessories and add on equipment. To procure a proper list of the variety of accessories, do go to Shopper’s Paradise and make yourself amuse by company’s offering.

    Where is Svitch manufactured?

    We have spent lots of time grooming our factory in Sanand for the manufacturing of SVITCH. Our hard-working technicians are always there to produce the best. You can see some of the images and videos on our social media platforms. Do like and share our posts, haha!

    What is the delivery time after booking?

    Usually, it takes not less than a week within India and for overseas it takes 2-3 weeks. This may vary depending on various reasons. We always like to keep it transparent, our executive will share the tracking id to the customer.

    Is there a waiting for Svitch Bookings?

    Umm, it used to be 6 months waiting but not now, our staff is working so hard to manufacture the bike and usually they don’t let the stock to end. But you can always contact our executive for the delivery date. And once they commit we have to deliver! For the ones who directly book through our website the stock will be shown over there and in any technical delay, our svitch executive will give you a call and will confirm your delivery date.

    Can any local bicycle shop assist me on Svitch?

    Svitch Bike’s battery is unique. It has a custom-built frame and the cell arrangement is done specifically for Svitch Bike. Motor and controller plays a significant role as well. The rest of the components are fairly normal for a bicycle vendor to understand. In an emergency, you can always contact them or give us a call.

    How much weight can Svitch handle?

    Well, a person up to 125kg can easily ride on svitch. It is built strong to handle such customers.

    How much does Svitch weight?

    Svitch Bike approx. weights 22 kgs without battery and 26 kgs with the battery. Svitch has the carrying handle to hold, lift, or fold the bike.

    How many models do you have?

    At present, Svitch NXE, LITE XE, MXE, XE & XE+ for Indian Market.
    and in addition to this, you can see Svitch SXE & Svitch UXE for the USA Market.

    Where do you ship?

    We ship all across the globe.

    Why can’t I see the battery?

    Frequently asked questions! I think this should not be your concerned question. We have designed the frame hiding it so safe that you can ride your bike without any fear of damaging it. It is protected by a locking mechanism.

    How much range does Svitch Bike give?

    Frequently asked questions! I think this should not be your concerned question. We have designed the frame hiding it so safe that you can ride your bike without any fear of damaging it. It is protected by a locking mechanism.

    How much range does Svitch Bike give?

    Svitch XE+ gives 80km-120km on a single charge
    Svitch XE gives 60km – 80km of range on a single charge.
    Svitch LITE XE gives 50km-70km on a single charge.
    Svitch MXE gives 40km-60km on a single charge.
    Svitch NXE gives limit less range

    Please Note: We have tested the range in the best conditions possible. And the range may vary depending on use, altitude, temperature, weight, etc.

    What if the battery runs out of power?

    Don’t worry! It’s just a battery that ran out of juice. We are sure you have all the stamina to pedal. You can cycle it like a regular bicycle. It would still feel like a ride of your dreams.

    How would I know if my battery is on low power?

    As soon as you switch on the bike with the power button, there is a display beside it. Showing you the battery level and other information like pedal assist mode, date, time & speed.

    Can I remove the battery from the bike?

    Yes, you can remove it with two easy steps. Just open the side lock from the middle frame, fold it and pull out the battery. Make sure you have switched off the cycle.

    How do I charge the battery?

    You can simply find the small circular charging point on the left side of the frame or you can remove the battery and insert the charger directly to the battery. We give normal charger with Svitch MXE, LITE XE & XE. Fast Charger comes with XE+.

    Does the battery gets charged while pedaling?

    It gets charged, but not as fast as the power produced by the charger. As regenerative power depends on various factors like applying multiple breaks, pedalling time, riding on throttle and many more. You can’t solely rely on pedaling charge.

    How is Svitch delivered? And how to assemble it?

    We deliver the bike with utmost security and scratch proof packaging. Along with the bike, you will receive an instruction manual with minimal assembly required. However, you can always visit a local bicycle shop to assemble all the parts in the right place with screws tightened and everything double-checked.

    Is there any warranty available?

    Svitch comes with a year warranty on major parts. It will be informed at the time of purchase. For any assistance you can simply mail us on Some parts of the bike may get damaged due to normal cycling, we do not offer a warranty on it like tires, brakes, chain, saddle, etc.