How to care for your Electric vehicle in monsoon season

The much awaited monsoons are here & we are all in for it. Don’t let the humid atmosphere stop you from hopping on your Ebike in India & running wild with it. As the weather takes charge, one can expect the streets to be waterlogged, full of potholes, along with the usual dose of humidity.

Riding an e-bike can pose a challenge in this turbulent weather. Why? Well, because the monsoon is here and there are bound to be concerns for electric vehicle owners. Following are the ways through which one can make sure that they’re prepared for the monsoon season.

ev charging during monsoon

1. Always use a certified charger:

The original chargers that electric vehicles come with are built with proper covering shields and protective layers that prevent any kind of short-circuit, sparks, current loss, etc. So, it is recommended that you always use an OEM-issued charger to charge your EV.

electric vehicle in rain

2. Keep a check on the battery:

The humidity in monsoons may result in corrosion of mechanical bits such as battery connections and this can take a toll on the battery’s life and strength. Furthermore, rain can also cause damage to the EV’s exterior. To prevent that, it is advisable to keep your ebike/e-car/e-vehicle covered when it is parked.

two bike in monsoon

3. Charge in a dry area:

The lightning and thunderstorms can cause a current surge while the electric car is being charged. This, in turn, could result in damage to the charging point as well as the internal circuits. This can be prevented by ensuring that the EV is charged in a dry and covered area.

girl ride green bicycle

4. Braking:

The braking system may get affected due to the humidity & the rising rate of precipitation. The brake may lose its responsiveness due to the added moisture so it is of paramount importance that one gets their EVs properly serviced before the rainy gods unleash their wrath upon us mortals. This will prevent the rider from slipping on the road unnecessarily.

man riding bicycle in rain

5. Wiring:

The outer body takes the first hit of the rains & eventually the water seeps in. Since EVs are rich in electrical components due to obvious reasons, the rider should make sure that all the wires are well insulated in order to prevent any sort of mishap by doing a timely servicing.

girl riding cycle in rain

6. Tyres:

If you’re riding an Ebike, make sure the fenders are put on & secured well just so the water doesn’t ruin the back of your clothes.

Eventually, it all boils down to having your EV properly serviced & maintained in order to garner a seamless experience. If you’re around Mumbai & Bengaluru, connect with our service channel partners, EV Jagat & Bike Innovations respectively to get your EV needs looked after.

If you’re around Ahmedabad, drop by our HQ for the same. Don’t let the monsoons dictate your riding behaviour!