How to conveniently travel long distances with your E-bike?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

There is no better source of an adventure than a road trip. Hitting the road with an electric bike takes it up a notch. With all of the escapades ahead of you, here are a few tips to make your journey a success.

1. Plan your Route

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” You need to map out your route as to where you are going, and where the charging stations are located. The charging time, requirements, and methods vary from vehicle to vehicle in the EV industry and thus, it is essential to plan accordingly. Check your e-bike’s driving range and decide when and where you will stop along the way.

In the case of Svitch E-bikes, the batteries take 3.5 – 4 hours to charge in any usual Indian plug point. Equipped with Swappable Battery technology, it can also be removed and charged separately. It provides you with the best electric bike experience by letting you travel up to 110 kms with a 3.5-hour fast-charging feature.

svich electric bike map

2. Know your EV

You should know how your EV is performing. You need to check all the elements of your electric touring bike such as brakes, tyres, batteries, suspensions,

and so on, and ensure that they are working properly. Make sure the bike is well maintained & serviced.

Svitch Bike is a reliable folding electric bike that is equipped with 7- and 8-speed Shimano gears for giving a powerful performance, Dual Mozo air suspensions for tackling any type of terrain, 160 mm mechanical disc brakes for maximizing stopping power, 5 pedal assist modes for making pedaling easier, and a compartment for the battery and controller for protection purposes.

Thus, it is ideal, reliable, and safe for adventurous rides.
Prepare your e-bike by knowing how its elements function and how to repair them.

folding electric bike - svitch bike specification

3. Set up an average driving speed

Utilize the accessories judiciously and come up with an average driving speed in order to make the most of your driving time, avoid making ‘too many’ stops, and minimize your chances of getting stranded in an unfamiliar environment.

4. Look for EV-friendly arrangements

Today, many hotels and lodgings provide provisions such as free charging facilities, and designated parking spaces for e-bikes in India. For Instance, Radisson Hospitality Inc. has collaborated with SunFuel Electric to provide the facility of EV charging stations across its hotels in the country.

The EV industry is growing at a rapid rate on a global scale. Sooner or later, the world will witness a shift from long drives on petrol or diesel vehicles to covering long distances on an electric touring bike. Electric bike are environment-friendly, energy-efficient, easier to maintain, and ideal for every possible situation.

Thus, it is safe to believe that electric bikes will take over the world by storm, and petrol and diesel vehicles will cease to exist.

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