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Elegant display for all of your riding needs!

Front Light


See & be seen wherever you go!

rare suspension

Dual Suspension

Withstand any terrain with class!

electric bike


8 Speed Shimano Gears to power pedal through your cardio sessions!

foldable electric bike
electric bicycle

Svitch's Special Edition:

An ode to all the unsung heroes of India. The Special Edition has been designed & manufactured keeping in mind the upcoming 76th Independence Day being deemed by critics & audience alike as the best electric bicycle in India. The campaign brings the audience multiple stories from India where people are consciously trying to make a difference & make the places around them a better one by selflessly devot their lives. It is not a political commentary but a social commentary that if one takes matters into their own hands they have the power to make a difference. We are trying to push further the message that a hero isn’t someone who is in the limelight but someone who is actually working & contributing at the grassroot level without having any ulterior motives. This Limited Edition is a tribute to the valiant efforts of all of these frontline heroes who keep on giving & pouring to the ones who truly need it. Svitch Bike has also vowed to not sell the special edition electric bicycles at no commercial value which comes as a breath of fresh air for the usually profit driven EV industry.



48V, 250 W BLDC Hub Svitch Motor



48V, 11.6Ah li-Ion



60 - 80 kms*

svitch bike


Adjustable Seat

svitch electric bicycle