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This Holi - Add colors to your life with Svitch

This Holi - Add colors to your life with Svitch

The Svitch electric bicycle has gained popularity in the automobile market due to its impressive design and performance. These bikes are available in a variety of colors to match your Holi mood and add some color to your life. The Svitch Group offers a range of models to cater to different lifestyles and requirements.

Understanding the basics of Svitch E-bikes

A regular bicycle but with an electric motor that assists you when you pedal. Well, you can also throttle your way to home. The rechargeable battery powers the electric motor, making it easier to travel longer distances with less effort. Here are some key factors to consider when shopping svitch bikes.

1. Motor Power:
The top-end variant XE+ has a BLDC hub motor measured in Watt that is 48V, 250W.

2. Battery Capacity: It is a Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 48V, 14.5Ah that can provide a range of up to 120km*, powering all the components of a unique system.

3. Frame Style: Traditional frames provide more rigidity, whereas Svitch bicycles are lightweight and sturdy due to their Aluminium 6061 construction, specifically designed for Indian roads.

4. Brakes: Tektro front disc brakes offer superior stopping power in all weather conditions.

5. Suspension: Mozo's front lockable Air Suspension provides a smoother ride, preventing jerks while riding on rough surfaces.

Color that enhances the appeal of Svitch E-bikes

Colors can significantly impact a potential rider's appeal. Here is the color theory of svitch bicycles.

⦿ Scarlet Red symbolizes power and heat, making it a perfect color choice for sportier bicycles.
⦿ Yankee Yellow represents a cool and funky vibe that evokes feelings of joy for a beach cruiser.
⦿ Dark Tungsten symbolizes strength and commitment. Grey adds mystery.
⦿ Midnight Sapphire represents a calming effect associated with nobility, often seen as a symbol of heaven.
⦿ Black Diamond is a symbol of luxury, which is why it's a popular choice among riders.

      Svitch Bicycles with Sustainable Features

      To reduce carbon footprints, the bicycle industry is increasingly adopting sustainable materials like aluminum to improve natural resources.

      A 300 lux LED front light is a versatile bicycle light for low-light conditions. It provides good illumination, ensuring safety and visibility to drivers. Suitable for both urban and rural environments, it strikes a comfortable balance between brightness and battery life.
      An 8-speed Shimano gear system is a reliable and affordable choice for daily cycling, recreational riders, commuters, and those who prefer a simpler drivetrain. It offers ample gear range for most riding conditions.

      Electric bikes have become more versatile and user-friendly with 5 pedal assist modes, making them appealing to a wider range of riders. 
      Consider terrain, distance, fitness level, weather, and regulations when choosing the appropriate assist mode for your e-bike ride.

      Svitch folding bikes are an excellent option for those who need a bike that can easily fold for storage, transportation, and travel purposes.

      This Holi, break free from the ordinary and explore new horizons with the Svitch Foldable bicycle from the Svitch Group of Companies.
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