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Why is Southern India more receptive to technology?

Why is Southern India more receptive to technology?

India is summed up with innovations and new-age technologies.

However, the doorway to India for innumerable qualitative technologies in Southern India. 

Why so?

Well, the constant trials and tribulations of churning startups and ideas is a sector dominated by Southern India. 

The emergence of the IT giants like Intel and IBM in the 1990s gave a further push to other IT companies to establish their centers there.

Cities like Bengaluru, which has heavy capital laid in its foundation. The region around Bengaluru - Mysore state was a well-run state with a high level of education investment and availability of abundant electricity through hydropower projects. The automobile industry and other sectors are also a big part of the state’s lucrative IT value. Bengaluru is also a lucrative place for electric bicycle companies like Svitch, having an astounding customer base in the region, predominantly overtaking every other company. National aerospace labs, Hindustan aeronautics ltd, Indian research space organization, Indian telephone industries, and many more. 

This dramatically increased the demand for engineers & there was abundant work. But, the problem passed & there was also a major meltdown in silicon valley in 2001 after the dotcom crash. A returning pool of unemployed engineers seeded a round of new startups - who started exploring things further beyond outsourcing.

Briefing on the Bengaluru culture that has changed inadvertently since the last few decades, it is a highly cosmopolitan area even before it became the IT capital of the country. Even in the 70s and 80s, one could speak almost any South Indian language on the streets and people would respond. The same with Hindi and English too.

Another outward factor could be the climate, South India has one of the best climates in the country throughout the year. It is not too hot in summer, pleasant in winter, does not rain too much, reasonably high altitude making it almost a mountain top destination.

The most heartwarming reason could be the nature of people, affectionately called Kannadigas, by nature, are warm people and relatively easy going. They are not aggressive and would welcome newcomers and new ideas easily. They get on very well with people from all over. The government and education system has played a pivotal role in transforming the states, and it is a great education hub. The local population takes pride in the education that they impart and people are relatively well-read in South India with Kerala having a literacy rate of up to 90%. Bengaluru of the 70s and 80's, or the whole of South India for that matter, which in those days used to attract people from all over the world for its education. The backbone of everything has been the government, laying a foundation for recognizing the potential reasonably well and ensuring that the companies setting up shop were offered adequate incentives.

The establishment of Tech capitals doesn't come out of the blue. In the case of Silicon Valley, the US government poured an enormous sum of money into building the tech backbone for their own defense needs. Out came as a result was the tech center.

This question is understandable as our Government has regulated many norms and policies around automobiles. After the emergence of electric vehicles, the southern market, especially Bengaluru, has been very accepting of the same in terms of the products & the supporting infrastructure. With respect to electric cycles, electric mopeds, electric motorbikes & even electric cars.

Bicycles usually are license free to drive and so are electric bicycles, the additional benefits of traveling or opting to buy a E-bike would be the underlying factors they offer for the customers including its charging adequacy; charge it while riding the e-bike, or take it home or to the workplace. The battery gives a range of 120 kms on a single charge. Electric bicycles alike Svitch are easy to ride and super easy to carry, yes they are uniquely foldable in nature and can be taken from one place to another in your car backseat too, isn't it cool?

As per the government mandate, the speed of the electric cycles must be locked at 25 km/ph. Svitch exactly offers the bike under that norm. You like speed , Svitch is speed .