Svitch is not just an electric bike.

It’s a phenomenon.

We have integrated top features in this electric bike, that make it an all-weather, all-terrain sturdy beast. Take it on the hills or on the beach, it will not disappoint you. Our weatherproof, multi-terrain Svitch bike will never fail to surprise you. Be it hills, beaches or rough, uneven roads, go have fun alongside Svitch XE .

Feel The Current


Say hello to the most feature rich electric ebike ever! Svitch XE is a completely electric bike which has got features that will leave you awed.

  • Long Range- Check
  • Speed- Check
  • High Power- Check


Imagine the power of a bull with the flexibility and agility of a cheetah. Well, Svitch XE has got exactly that. Fold it into the half and reduce the footprint by 50%. You can take it in the boot of your car and ride where you want it.


The 20 x 4” fat tyres on Svitch XE practically make it an all terrain bike. The anti puncture Kenda tyres will make it possible for you to ride on roads, mountains, desert and beach. Be a free bird!


The frame of Svitch XE is made up of Aluminium 6061, which makes it light in weight, but sturdy as well. We have built it for the Indian Roads! The Aluminium frame weighs just 2.5 kg.

Svitch colors: Basic but not frivolous.

Svitch XE comes in with 5 different color options. Choose the one which suits your personality.
  • Black Diamond: If you can wear black anytime, then you can have a Black Diamond. Think in Black. It is for the ultimate.
  • Scarlet Red: Do we really need to flatter you? No, Right? Red symbolizes: Power. Chic. Passion. Hot. Fiery. It’s LOVE.
  • Midnight Sapphire: You think about rubies, emeralds, pearls and the desires. But on the summer night, under the stars; just sit on the Midnight sapphire because that’s what you really want.
  • Dark Tungsten: Let’s speak about shades and shadows, volumes and the strength, its mystery blended in the neutrals. It’s the Grey in the emergence.
  • Yankee Yellow: Stand out in the group. We are funky and cool. We don’t do the usual. Got it? With love, from sunshine and blush from the shine.

The Acceptance of Perfect Ride

Elements in the making

Range Battery
65-80km 48V 11.6 Ah
Motor Speed
250 W 25 km/h