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Svitch is not just an electric bike.

It’s a phenomenon.

We have integrated top features in the bike, which makes it an all weather, all terrain sturdy beast. Take it on the hills or on the beach, it will not disappoint you. Our weatherproof, multi-terrain Svitch bike will never fail to surprise you. Be it hills, beaches or rough, uneven roads, go have fun alongside Svitch XE .


Say hello to the most feature rich electric bike ever! Svitch XE is a completely electric bike which has got features that will leave you awed.
  • Long Range- Check
  • Speed- Check
  • High Power- Check


The powerful Li-Ion battery provides juice to all the components which altogether make a unique system in itself. It is the powerhouse of the beast. We have got different versions for different usage types. The batteries come in with an option of 48V, 9.6 AH, 10.4 AH and the ultimate 11.6 AH version.


The Motor used in Svitch Bike is a 250W Bafang, BLDC rear hub motor. It is the all terrain drive system which can take your bike without any hassles on the rocky mountains as well as on a sandy beach.


The Svitch Bike gives you a range of 45-50 km without any paddle assist and a long enough 60-70* km range with the paddle assist feature.

Fully Flexible


Imagine the power of a bull with the flexibility and agility of a cheetah. Well, Svitch XE has got exactly that. Fold it into the half and reduce the footprint by 50%. You can take it in the boot of your car and ride where you want it.

Muscle Wheels

The 20 x 4” fat tyres on Svitch XE practically make it an all terrain bike. The anti puncture Kenda tyres will make it possible for you to ride on roads, mountains, desert and beach. Be a free bird!

Sturdy as hell!

The frame of Svitch XE is made up of Aluminium 6061, which makes it light in weight, but sturdy as well. We have built it for the Indian Roads! The Aluminium frame weighs just 2.5 kg.

Svitch colors: Basic but not frivolous.

Svitch XE comes in with 5 different color options. Choose the one which suits your personality.

  • Black Diamond: Men suited in black. Ladies in black gown. And Svitch in black. CLASSY.
  • Scarlet Red: Scarlet. Red. Do we really need to flatter you? Powerful. Chic. Passionate. Well red is a lot of things hot and fiery. It is also the color of LOVE. (Wink)
  • Midnight Sapphire: You see everyone find blue attractive. Wonder why? Creative. Intelligent. Loyal. Wise. Trustworthy. Special emphasis on loyal and wise. REASON WHY MIDNIGHT SAPPHIRE NEVER FAILS. (Even Svitch)
  • Dark Tungsten: This gray speaks volumes about strength, and mystery yet it is a very neutral and balanced color. For introverts, yes. (For extroverts and ambiverts too.)
  • Yankee Yellow: Think out of the group. Think yellow. We are funky and cool. We don’t do the usual. Got it? With love, from sunshine.

Riding the svitch bike is a great feeling… It is swift and sooth. The main feature which I liked about svitch bike is its foldability. The bike is fully flexible, and you can easily put it in the trunk of your car and take it where you want.

Neha Shah

Hi, this is Joel chavda, i am the managing director of chavda infrastructure. I came to take a ride of this amazing and unique product Svitch Bike. After riding the bike, i feel that Svitch is a beast in itself, the looks and design of the product is mesmerizing and suits well with my personality. It has also got some distinguishing features which sets it apart from the mass. The electric drive system along with the conventional mechanical system goes well hand in hand. Finally, i would like to sum up that it is a great product which will revolutionize the way we commute and think about transportation. Take a svitch make a svitch

Joel Chavda

Got a chance to ride Svitch bike, and it was an amazing experience. The electric drive system makes the riding experience effortless and comfortable. It is a great initiative and svitch bike is a good option as a mode of commute.

Gopiraj Bhrambhatt

The recipe for a perfect dish

Elements in the making

Range Battery
60-70 km 11.6 AH*
Motor Speed
250 W 25 km/h

One for the gram

Fast Support

Having any trouble with your Svitch postbuying it? Give us a call or drop a message on our mail or any of our social media platforms. We will get back to you within minutes.

Free Shipping

We will ship your new shiny Svitch to your doorstep as quick as possible. We know, it’s hard to wait for it, but we understand!

Ready to ride

Take the beast out of the box. A few screws here, a few fixes there and voila! You are good to go! Have the thrill.

15 Days Return Policy

Order it! Ride it! If you still don’t like it, No problem. We will take it back. No questions asked.